We measure influence.

We know who moves money and drives engagement in web3.

About Us


We provide creators and KOLs with unprecedented data on their followers (wealth, engagement with specific chains, and other metrics) to help them understand and promote their reach and impact.

We have mapped tens of billions of dollars in ETH/ERC-20 wealth to social media networks and are showing our clients who has buying power, how they behave, and who influences them

Brands and projects save time and money when they work with Web3Sense by understanding how to best reach the people who will engage with them.


  • “Web3Sense is filling a gap that has been an important but missing piece of the web3 puzzle since its inception: data and insights.”

    Quinn ButtonDr. Quinn the Web3 Woman, former COO Rug Radio
  • “We have seen a lot of growth analytics platforms emerge over the years, but Web3Sense is the one that is truly showing us the micro-influencers who drive sustainable growth. In a sea of sameness, Web3Sense data outputs are truly actionable allowing us to hyper-focus on reaching target consumers and voices related to various verticals and project needs.”

    GMoneyFounder of 9dcc, Admit One
  • “Web3Sense has been a lifesaver in identifying the KOLs for us to engage with. They've streamlined the selection process, saving us considerable time and ensuring we collaborate with KOLs who truly have a genuine, real following.

    Lorenzo GeorgeFounder, Racino Gaming

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